Ana’s One Shot - IM5. (mature.)

Dana one shot for Ana - contains SOME mature content, so be warned. Not “too” much though.

Dana grabbed your hand, pulling you along the beach shore as you ran down onto the softly settling sand in your bikini and him in his swimming trunks.
The sun was glazing over this golden picturesque almost photographic like beauty of a place.
Dana placed your towels softly onto the beach bed. Your feet sunk into the soft sand as you waited for him to lie-down; which he did a few moments afterwards. You laid down next to him, and stared at him for a few moments, maybe a few too long.
“Ana!” Dana smirked. “Stop staring at me!” He chuckled.
“What?” you laughed, thumping his arm. “I wasn’t” you carried on chuckling.
Dana quickly stood up and walked in front of you doing a model-like pose with one hand on his hip and the other on his head.
“You just want to feel amazing body!” He smirked, watching you almost dribble over the sight of him. 
You fancied the pants out of him and you weren’t the one to say that straight to his face.
His hand swiftly grabbed a hold of yours as he placed it on his chest and slid it downwards until it reached his abs. You had a quick feel around because really he made you do it. You could see the smirk on his face, his lips curving upwards slightly. His hand moved yours slightly further down.
“Dana!” you laughed as he stopped his hand right at the top of his trunks.
“Baby” Dana smirked before shoving it down his trunks you kept it there for a few seconds before pulling it back out quickly.
“Oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve just done that” you chuckled.
You turned around so you were facing upwards again, belly facing the sun.
“Ana, you dirty dirty girl” Dana smirked, biting the edge of his lip as he literally jumped on top of you, making his hands wander around your quite petite body.
“Dana! Stop it people are staring” you chuckled as he carried on searching around your body and kissing places here and there.
The sun glazed down and you were feeling even more sweaty and warm then just the sun.
“Who cares?” Dana smirked as he pushed his groin against your body and kissed you passionately. You both kept at this rhythm going for a few minutes until you pulled away for air.
“I love you, Ana!” Dana smirked, rolling off you and collapsing on his towel; back flat on the ground.
“I love you too” you replied, shyly smirking to yourself.
You’d just touched, snogged and teased with the person you fancied; and ending this perfect thing he told you he loved you.